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So simple
So powerful
Your patients will love it

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More than
a home exercise program

It`s a simple mobile app that
captures and delivers custom exercise
videos and coaches your patients
to better compliance at home.

  • Capture

    Capture video of your
    patient performing the
    exercise during a
    regular appointment

  • Send

    Send HIPAA secure video
    seamlessly via the
    Switchback mobile app

  • Remind

    Automatically remind
    your patient`s to do
    their exercises

  • Measure Progress

    Measure progress remotely

  • “It`s like taking my PT home with me”

    Dr. Danielle Elley
    Dr. Danielle Elley, MPT
    Santa Rosa, CA
  • “The Switchback app is delivering to patients,
    the new Healthcare Consumer, exactly what they
    are expecting AND wanting...
    tech, mobile based, a communication
    channel and ease of use!”

    Dr. CJ Mooneyham
    Jerry Durham,
    PT Business Consultant,
Your patients –
your therapy

All easily delivered before your
patient leaves your office.

Not a video pro?

Switchback makes it super simple
If you can use an iPhone, you can do it!

It's crazy simple and
they'll love you for it!
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